Work From Home Stress ?

Before all this COVID-19 stress started, we all wanted to work from our homes so that we can have extra time for ourselves but look at us now, Each one of us is eager to go back to our offices and get the feeling of our office ambiance one again, even if it’s an allowance for a day or week.

Heeyy workaholic, are you too working 9 hours a day in these lockdown days? Are you too stressed out because going out is not an option anymore, And your only rescue is binge-watching or eating or just sleeping?

No worries, let me give you some tips which may help you to cope up with your stress along with being more productive.

In the early days of lockdown, I use to do the same that you all are doing these days, just lying at a place and working on your laptops or systems and stress eating most of the time. I too experienced irritation and frequent mood swings due to the no mundane routine. Believe me, we need to stop this, because once you’ll start being more productive, you’ll feel content about doing something else other than your office work. It will create a positive aura in this atmosphere of uncertainty and negativity.

So here is the list of things that you can add to your routine to say BUH-BYE to your stress, also don’t forget to read the 8th point it’s very important :

  1. Don’t be socially isolated. Stay updated about what your friends are doing in this quarantine period. Make calls to your co-workers  (unofficial one) and keep chit-chatting while working, this will give you the same vibe of working together like you use to do in your office. Keep posting on social media, it will help you interact with people more and more…


  • Make a schedule about what you can do after your working hours, it can be trying out a new recipe or sitting on the terrace/balcony, clicking pictures, watching television with family, playing with pets, talking to your loved ones.




  • Avoid sleeping as soon as you complete your work. One should always have a scheduled sleep, which is at night. Don’t let these lockdown days mess with your sleeping schedule. Believe it or not, I sleep by midnight and wake up at 7 am daily. If I can, you can too.



  • Don’t skip meals. Eat your BREAKFAST, LUNCH, & DINNER on time. Once you’ll correct your sleeping schedule, your eating schedule will be back on track automatically.






  • Make out time to do some skin-care rituals. It will make you feel refreshed. Try out some home remedies. If you don’t know any visit again soon in a few days, you’ll see a post on my website for the same.



  • Do some YOGA. A friend of mine recommended it to me, and it’s really helpful in providing relaxation from all the back pains, neck pains, and headaches. It provides you inner peace too.





  • Listen to songs, not on your air pods or earphones but with a speaker or your system sound. It will change your mood from tiring to energetic. Ps- No SAD songs guys.





  • The most important thing, Don’t argue with your loved ones if you think they are feeling frustrated or irritated. The way of handling emotions is different for every individual and developing misunderstanding with each other when the distance becomes the barrier between the two individuals. Drop a message to them that you’ll talk later, talk to them when you feel they are calm. Follow the rule ‘ If one is angry, the other one should wait for them to calm down. Express your point when they are listening to you, not when they are angry.’


  • Don’t indulge in impulse online shopping just because you’re bored. SAY NO TO IT.








  • Try not to use your mobile phones too much. The amount of time you’re spending on playing PUBG and binge-watching Netflix can affect your eyesight. So if you want to sustain your clear eyesight in the future, restrict your use to your mobile phones.

Now as you read, you’re done with reading this blog, KEEP YOUR PHONE ASIDE.


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