13 Reasons why season 4 plot, characters, release date, real names of characters

13 Reasons Why is going to be a part of our watch list in June 2020, with some new faces to be part of one of the most interesting dramas of Netflix.

Netflix released the trailer of  13 reasons why season 4 on 20 May 2020, stating that this is going to be the final season. The release date of the final season is 5th June 2020. This season will consist of 10 episodes and the plot twist is going to be revolving around “ what is clay hiding? ‘’. The trailer gives us a glimpse of what the final season will bring on the table.

In the third season of the series, Bryce Walker, who was the rapist of Hannah baker was murdered. The whole series was all about dodging the blame on each character and to conclude who was involved in the brutal killing of Bryce.

Bryce died because of drowning, where he was pushed by Alex Standal, the later episodes of the season revealed. The reason for drowning was his broken arm, because of the fight with Zach Dempsey.

Alex’s friends came up to cover him for Bryce’s death, to save him from going to prison. They conspired and put the blame on Monty, as he was already killed while serving his sentence his jail for sexually assaulting Tyler in the boys’ washroom with a mop handle. Alex’s friends pin all the blame on him as he was no longer alive to face the consequences.

Season 4 will be about how Winston William who wants to clear Monty’s name from the murder of Bryce Walker, as he was present with Monty the night Bryce was killed.

I can’t wait to know what else the season holds for us.

Meanwhile, the characters played and their Instagram accounts are as follows:

  • Brandon Flynn – Justin Foley: @flynnagin11
  • Alisha Boe – Jessica Davis: @alishaboe
  • Christian Lee Navarro – Tony Padilla : @christianleenavarro
  • Miles Heizer – Alex Standall : @younggoth
  • Ross Butler – Zach Dempsey: @rossbutler
  • Devin Druid – Tyler Down: @devindruid
  • Justin Prentice – Bryce Walker: @justin.prentice
  • Timothy Granados – Monty de la Cruz: @timothygranaderos
  • Grace Saif – Ani Achola: @grace.saif
  • Deaken Bluman – Winston Williams: @deakenblumam

I spend more time in the head than anywhere else: Clay

Now we will know what truth comes out with Graduation.

Let me know what do you think will happen in season 4 !!!!


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